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A Brief History of Hillandale

In 1922, Anne Archbold, daughter of oilman John Dustin Archbold, purchased 78 acres of forested land, broken by rolling meadows, as a site for a new home for herself and her children. She enlisted the services of architect Josephine Wright Chapman to design a composite of 14th century Tuscan villas and farmhouses that would provide a retreat from the city, but enjoy the conveniences of its proximity.

The result was Hillandale, a home that saw more than four decades of culture, politics, worthy causes and grand entertainment march through its lively walls.

In 1947, composer Victor Babin wrote the Hillandale Waltzes for Anne Archbold after visiting her at Hillandale.

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Its mistress delighted in a wide array of acquaintances that she chose regardless of class or occupation. If someone interested her, then they were invited to stay in the vast villa with        it's red-tiled roof, umber-colored stucco  walls and blue-green shutters. Her guests included Queen Elizabeth, Gertrude Stein, Eleanor Roosevelt, Leopold Stokowski, Noel Coward and Madame Chiang Kai-Shek. But just as   likely to frequent  the Villa were WAVES, WACS, nurses and enlisted men.

Today, Hillandale at Georgetown retains the spirit of gracious living envisioned by Anne Archbold when she built the original Hillandale Villa in 1922. Surrounded by the more than 250-acre Glover-Archbold Park, Hillandale is a naturally-wooded area with ponds, wildlife and a serenity not found in any other location so close to the heart of the city. True to Mrs. Archbold's plans, today's Hillandale exhibits a verdant beauty, gloriously interspersed with a bright palette of blooming flowers in spring - and in autumn, glows with the fiery colors of fall.


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