Real Estate

Realtors Check List *

  1.  Hillandale has an active Homeowners’ Association for the benefit of its residents.  Our Property Manager’s name is Hernando Herrera and the Administrative Manager’s name is Amir Greene.  They can be reached at (202) 342-0130 for any questions you may have about our community or the Association.
  2. Please make sure that you (Real Estate Agent or Property Manager) give your name, email address and a phone number to our office as soon as you are hired by a Hillandale resident. The current homeowner also needs to inform the Gatehouse security staff -in writing- that their house is on the market and state which real estate agents and/or contractors may enter the community to facilitate that sale.
  3. Each of your Sellers must order a copy of the Homeowners Documents for Hillandale when they have a ratified contract. Thie re-sale packet contains the rules of the Association, its budget and other important information that it is required by law to be delivered to a new Owner (and for which every homeowner is held to account). The packet takes five (5) business days to prepare; the cost of this document is $500.00 and is borne by the Seller. (If your client lives in Chancery Court, there is an additional book we have to prepare for that Association and the cost is $175.00.)
  4. Please inform the Gatehouse staff whenever you are scheduling an Open House. For sale signs are not allowed on Hillandale property. However, Open House signs may be placed just outside out gate on 39th St. (and small directional signs inside) on the day of an Open House.  Please remember that there are small children at play in our neighborhood and ensure that you and your clients are driving slowly and carefully throughout Hillandale.
  5. Parking is very limited here, so please observe our rules. Always display your Visitor’s Pass on the driver’s side of the dashboard and be sensitive to homeowners – esp. by not blocking their driveways (or parking across from driveways on our narrower streets).
  6. Real estate agents must provide our management office the date of settlement as early in advance as possible (preferably no less than two weeks ahead of time) as well as the contact information for buyers so that we can send them move-in information. [We also need to know each time rental tenants are moving out and moving in as well as their contact details! For this reason, we need the contact infor for the property manager – a phone number and an email address!]
  1. Please note that any rentals in our neighborhood are required by our Bylaws to be registered with the Hillandale Homeowners’ Association office (with a copy of each current lease). Renters will receive a summary of the Association’s rules and regulations at that time and can register their vehicles. Note: Renters may not have more cars than allotted parking spaces for that house.                                                                       * 
  2. Please be courteous to our gate personnel.  If you have an open house, please let them know date and times (202)342.0105, fax: (202)337.2906).  Unless accompanied by a real estate agent or visiting an open house, all guests to Hillandale must be announced to an owner.  That includes employees, contractors, vendors and construction workers.                                             * 
  3. Outgoing residents (Sellers or Tenants) are responsible for deactivating the vehicular entry barcodes by notifying the Hillandale office prior to moving out of their house. This is very important as proper access control is vital to the continued security of out neighborhood. In addition, Sellers are responsible for transferring the key to the Hillandale pedestrian gates to the new owners. (Replacement keys are $75.) Any mailbox keys should also be given directly to the new buyers/tenants.                                                                          *
  4. All exterior renovations (e.g., planting or removing trees, gates, fences, patios, windows, paint colors, etc.) must be approved -in advance- by the ACCC. The process is simple but necessary to avoid expensive and drustrating “re-do’s” or “un-do’s”. The ACCC Modification Application can be obtained from the management office or through the “Resident Resources” link on our website. Please remind potential buyers that they cannot add anymore interior spaces (additions) to the houses here in Hillandale as our PUD (Planned Urban Development) documents restrict any additional square footage added by enclosed spaces. Also, they must realize that no work may be done beyond their property lines–EVER!                                                                    *
  5. Because moving trucks typically block one ore more driveways, it is very important that your tenants or new owners (as well as the outgoing tenants/sellers) notify the 3.4 surrounding neighbors (including owners across the street) a couple of days prior to moving so that they can make arrangements to move their vehicles as needed. Please notify the gatehouse in writing at the same time.

                                                                  Thank you!