Swimming Pool


Hillandale’s swimming pool is open during the summer, Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. until 9:00 pm as well as Saturday and Sunday from 8:00 a.m. until 9:00 pm (unless posted otherwise).

Pool Rules

All owners and/or tenants and their immediate families who reside in Hillandale are entitled to utilize the Hillandale Homeowners Association Swimming Pool. Every household that is current on its dues will be entitled to six (6) pool tags. Pool users over the age of five (5) can only enter the pool area with a valid tag. Residents are responsible for the behavior of their guests/pool users and must ensure they are familiar with out rules and our standards of appropriate/responsible behavior.

Our rules exist for several reasons: 1) to keep everyone safe, 20 to keep the pool and surrounding areas as clean as possible and 3) to foster a pleasant and enjoyable environment. All pool users must abide by the following rules:

*         Everyone must sign in and show their pool tag to the lifeguard. We ask all users to shower before using the pool–ESPECIALLY if you have just finished exercising!

*         Every pool user may only enter the pool area with a valid pool tag. Tag must remain visible while at the pool–either by wearing it or by having it displayed on your bag or with your belongings.

*        DO NOT: dive, run, play audible music, drink alcohol, smoke, display unruly behavior and/or leave trash. All leftover food or drink items and debris must be thrown in the proper trash or recycling containers to avoid insects, bees and other pests.

*         The following are NOT permitted at the pool area: glass containers, rafts, large floats, skateboards, scooters or bicycles. Pets of any kind (with the exception of service animals) are not permitted inside the pool fence and should not be left tethered close to the entrance where they may have contact with other visitors.

*         Children under age thirteen (13) must be accompanied and supervised by an adult at all times. Lifeguards are not able to serve this purpose.

*         When in the pool, beginning swimmers must be accompanied by an adult who is within an arm’s reach. Belly devices or floatable “chairs” or arm bands (“water wings”) are not allowed. The only approved floatation device is a non-inflatable vest with straps. Parents, nannies or other adult caregivers must be very attentive (and in close proximity) to all non-swimmers. Please do not use your cell phone when supervising!

*         All swim instructors must register with the main office (the lifeguards have the forms). Lessons should not be scheduled during the busiest times which tend to be from 4-6 pm (M-F) and from Noon-6 pm (Sat.-Sun).

*         Children who wear diapers MUST wear swim diapers or protective rubber pants in the pool. (Swim diapers are available upon request.) Because the pool must be closed when fecal matter is present, it is very important for parents to be vigilant in this matter.

*         Lap swimmers have priority use of the Lap Lanes.  The lane nearest the wall is designated as an “adult lounge lane” unless someone wants to swim laps. If you are talking in the lanes or doing water aerobics, we ask that you move to the open pool area when lap swimmers arrive. We also ask lap swimmers to be mindful that, during peak times, they should either share lanes or limit their swimming to 45 minutes. 

*     Three lap lanes will be available Mon-Fri from 7am to 10am (8am – 11am on Sat/Sun/Holidays) and again from 6pm to 9pm every day.

*         Access by children to Hillside (including the stairs and deck area) while using the pool is prohibited unless accompanied by an adult.  Under no circumstances should anyone enter Hillside with wet bathing suits, towels or feet.

*         Persons found responsible for property damage and/or loss are liable for related costs.

*         All persons using the pool or pool area do so at their own risk; the HOA, Board of Directors and its agents assume no responsibility for accidents, injuries or damage to personal property.


Hillandale’s lifeguards are fully licensed and trained in first aid and CPR. The also have received training from their pool management company. They are hired to guard the pool and should NOT be treated as babysitters.  When on duty, lifeguards have the authority and may:

*         Close the pool due to inclement weather, equipment malfunction or any other safety consideration. The pool must remain closed for 45 minutes after the last sound of thunder or sighting of lightning.

*         Call 10-minute “Lap Swim” time so that the guards may deal with any issues in the pump room and check the bathrooms. Only those swimming laps are allowed in the pool during these times.

*         Ask swimmers to leave the pool due to improper behavior.

*         Require adult supervision of young children.

*         NOT give swimming lessons while on duty.

Pool Parties

Please note that gatherings with guests (without pool tags) are not allowed without submitting a pool party form to the management office at least one (1) week prior to the event.

Parties are limited to fifteen (15) guests.

With the exception of holidays and after making a reservation, pool parties may be held–for two hours–Monday through Friday between the hours of 10:00 am and 5:00 pm or Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 am to Noon. Pool parties may not be held during the holiday weekends of Memorial & Labor Days. (Friday-Monday, inclusive) or the day before/after the 4th of July.

*See Pool Party Form for more guidelines and details regarding pool parties.