Tennis Courts

The tennis courts are located on Hillandale Drive, across from the pool.  The Association assumes no responsibility for accident, injury or for damage or loss to personal property in connection with the use of the courts. 


*        The tennis courts are for resident use during daylight hours only.

*        Guests may play only when accompanied by a resident.

*    No activities, other than tennis, are permitted on the tennis courts.

*    Bicycles (or other types of cycles), skateboards, skates of any type, scooters, pets, etc. are prohibited.

*    Tennis shoes, with white soles only and suitable attire must be worn at all times.

*    The use of profane or offensive language is not permitted.

*    All refuse and debris (i.e. tennis ball lids and cans, sports tape, etc.) must be properly disposed of in the trash bins on the courts or taken away with you.

Tennis Courtesies: (Players are asked to observe the following)

*    Do not walk behind players while the ball is in play.

*    Wait until a point is completed before requesting retirn of your ball from the other court.

*    Return balls from the other court, promptly, but not while their play is in progress.

*    While others are playing, please do not talk loudly, hit balls against the wall or fence or engage in other activities that may distract players.

Time Limit:

To best accommodate our tennis enthusiasts, there is a one (1) hour time limit on all games and lessons, whether singles or doubles. After an hour has elapsed, users must yield to waiting players. If no one is waiting, users must yield when new players arrive. (The allotted hour begins when the court is taken, not when the set begins.) Players waiting for a court have priority based on the time he or she reaches the courts. To retain priority, he or she must remain at the courts while waiting. If a court becomes open but a player does not have a partner, he or she may not take possession of the court, but will retain priority for the next available court.

While Hillandale’s management staff keeps an eye on the courts during regular business hours, residents are asked to assist in maintenance and management of the courts by immediately reporting concerns and complaints to the management office. Thank you for your cooperation.